Control your air conditioner with mobile

AirPatrol enables you to easily adjust the mode, room temperature and fan speed of your air conditioner from anywhere.

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icon-sm-1 Cut your bills

Cut your energy costs! Cool down or warm up your house for the period when you are at home and let it stay when everyone’s away.


controller Monitor anywhere

Instead of driving all the way home to adjust the air conditioner, you can send your commands by mobile phone, no matter where you are.


How it works?

AirPatrol WiFi uses wireless channels for communication: strong WiFi / cloud network between smartphone and AirPatrol and IR between heat pump and AirPatrol.

AirPatrol Nordic uses wireless channels for communication: reliable SMS messages between mobile phone and AirPatrol and IR between air conditioner and AirPatrol.




icon-sm-4 Stay up to Date

AirPatrol’s smartphone application sends you regular alarms. Get information about your powercuts and prevent accidents such as water pipes freezing or something worse.

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Cut your energy costs and get AirPatrol now!

My air conditioner Brand is:

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